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HELLO SWEETIES!!:iconluvluvplz:
How have you been? Long time we don't do a contest... so why not? Let's do it!:iconamericapartyhardplz:

                           :heart: PLEASE READ ALL THE RULES BEFORE YOU COMPETE :heart:

:bulletorange: THEME: AMERICA'S BIRTHDAY (ENGLAND'S GIFT FOR HIM) You have to draw England and America celebrating America's Birthday. We will accept any costume but you have to representate the theme.
    1. WE WILL ACCEPT entries of all official designs like neko, nyo, gauken,etc. And fan design too as matryoska, sweet devil, 2p, etc.
    2. We will not accept any work that shows: Violence or death!
    3. If you want to do a scene with mature content, remember to respect the DA rules and put appropiate filter.
    4. If you need inspiration I recommend you to watch this video:… [Hetalia: The Beautiful World - The Centennial Gift (Extra Episode)]
    5. In your drawing/s you have to draw background.

:bulletred: DEADLINE: 5th July

:bulletpurple: Your entry must be original and must be completed (no WIP or sketches, unless the work is so complete) And in a good quality if it's a deviation scanned or photographed.

:bulletgreen: The entry can't be older that the date of announcement of the contest and unique to this group (clarification of this rule:  You can upload the image to other clubs, but you can only participate in this contest , otherwise you will be disqualified.)

:bulletyellow: THE COMMENT ENTRY must include the club logo :iconusxuk-club: (---> :icon#usxuk-club: must remove the #)

:bulletblack: We will accept: drawings, cosplay, comics, fanfics (one-shot or drables) Make sure to have the story complete if it's a comic or fanfic, not just an introduction if you plan to have more to the story.

:bulletblue: The characters involved (obviously) must be AlfredxArthur or ArthurxAlfred (together in the scene! will not accept images  which only appear Alfred or Arthur)

:bulletpurple:Your entry must contain usXuk (malexmale, malexfemale, femalexfemale)  in other words should contain any type of relationship, friendship, brotherly, but always in love.

:bulletgreen: We can accept the participation of other characters as long as usxuk predominate, and usxuk be the only couple on stage. (remember our group rules on the frontpage if you have doubts)

:bulletblack:  Maximum of 2 entries per person. (If you upload a comic no limit)

:bulletorange: You must upload your entry to the contest folder, otherwise not be considered.

:bulletblack: Only accept original work, done by your own hands and be an original idea. Nothing of customization and nothing of redraw, traced or copied. References are always fine.


:iconluvluvplz: We Need prize donations, if you would like to help by donating a piece of art, fanfic, comic, cosplay, or anything else, we're very happy for your cooperation.

:star: Please be specific whit what you want to donate, don`t be afraid of the words!!

If you donate a prize also can participate in the contest ^^


:star::star::star: 1º Place
:bulletpink: 200 points from me(lauretta123)
:bulletpink: Full body painted (4 characters maximum) from me(lauretta123)
:bulletpink: 1 chibi from me(lauretta123)
:bulletpink: 2 headshots from me (lauretta123)
:bulletpink: Fanfic (long) by I--INsAnItY
:bulletpink: Fanfic (long) by fanfic-she-wrote

:star::star: 2º Place
:bulletpink: 100 points from me(lauretta123)
:bulletpink:  Full body painted (2 characters maximum) from me(lauretta123)
:bulletpink:  1 headshot from me(lauretta123)
:bulletpink: Fanfic(normal) by I--INsAnItY
:bulletpink: Fanfic (normal) by fanfic-she-wrote

:star: 3º Place
:bulletpink: 50 points from me(lauretta123)
:bulletpink: Full body painted (1 character) from me(lauretta123)
:bulletpink: 1 chibi from me (lauretta123)
:bulletpink: Fanfic (short) by I--INsAnItY
:bulletpink: Fanfic (short) by fanfic-she-wrote
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:star:Our sister groups.

:iconus-x-uk: :iconukus::iconus-xuk-fans:


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:star:Welcome to USXUK - CLUB!

This is a group dedicated only to the eternal devotion of Arthur x Alfred, so if you don't like this couple, you better not go in! Otherwise, go ahead and join, you'll be accepted automatically!

:bulletblue:GROUP RULES

:bulletgreen:We will only accept works that are about Alfred and Arthur predominantly. If your deviation presents to Alfred or Arthur paired with someone other than themselves is not allowed in this group. We don't accept FrUkUs

:bulletpurple: This is a pro USxUK group that means we support the relationship between Alfred and Arthur, so we will not accept more work involved with:

:bulletyellow: You can only upload your own work (We don't accept suggestions of deviation for our galleries)

:bulletorange:There are different folders in which you can upload your art. Please choose the folder carefully, try to be accurate.

:bulletblue: Only 3 submission per week, and just 1 per folder in that period.


Existing folders are:

:bulletred:USXUK MEMBER FANART: Here are all pictures of Arthur and Alfred (Human versions) as a couple or together on stage, if Arthur appears with "mochiamerica"or other versions of US, or Alfred with "mochiengland" or other versions of UK also go in this folder.

:bulletred:DOUJINSHI - COMIC - 4KOMA - STRIPS: Only strips, doujinshi comic pages, this folder doesn't support memes. (If your comic is not 100% USxUK you can only upload the pages that contain both or either of these two characters and provided the usxuk relationship is clearly seen on the story)

:bulletred:COSPLAY: All photography cosplay goes in this folder (quite all)

:bulletred:FAN FICTION - POEMS: Your fanfics, songfics, poems or anything written.

:bulletred:ARTHUR KIRKLAND: Images where this character appears (solo)

:bulletred:ALFRED F. JONES: Images where this character appears (solo).

:bulletred:Meme, Mochis, Crafts, Icons, Stamps, and Others: As the title says Meme, Mochis, Crafts, Icons, Stamps, Motivational, Screenshot, WIP, BQ bad quality (low resolution scans or photographs of drawings) and everything that can't be classified in the other folders (Put here the alternate versions as furrys or other no official designs)

:bulletred:ANIMATION: All animated images, flash, gif, games and DA Muro process

:bulletred:GENDERBEN: Iggyko or Ameriko and all images, where one of them appears as a girl.

:bulletred:NEKOTALIA: All images of Arthur and Alfred as cats (Real cats). Anything cat goes here.

:bulletred:GROUP: Any image which appears Alfred and Arthur with the intervention of another person, provided USXUK is the central theme.

:bulletred:INFORMATION: Any image or journal with information such as commissions, art tardes, request, Collaborations, RP's, Hetalia news. (not accept personal journals)


:star: For any offense, annoying or bad attitude against the Administrators, we're not God, and don't deserve your disrespect.

:star: If you give spam or anti usxuk promo in the forums or comments of the group or against any member. (However, this only goes into effect when the member(s) can report the user(s), showing clear evidence.)

We will be relentless on this point. We will not accept any kind of bad words, sarcasm with bad intentions and bad attitude. So if you want to complain about something, speak well and be polite.

:star: If you have been banned by the above, and you want to re-join the group, send a note to Merakieros explaining the reasons for your behavior with a simple apology addressed to the group (no matter which moderator you have offended, you should refer to the group as one) Depending on how serious it was, we'll choose wheter to re-admit you or not.

:skull: This group respects DA rules, so we will not accept DEVIATIONS that go against.

FAQ #157: Can I use things created by other people in my submissions?
FAQ #60: Do you allow "Adult," explicit sexual or pornographic content on DeviantArt? How about linking off site?
FAQ #305: Is posting 'Adult' oriented artwork alright if I censor it first?
FAQ #220: What is Mature Content?
FAQ #554: Is my deviation Mature Content?
FAQ #565: You prohibit the submission of 'pornographic imagery'; what do you consider this to be?

Enjoy the group, and the universe usxuk ♥





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